Why Choose Us

Having pioneered the glass and organic collection program in the Region of Peel, Ernie and Luiza are continually looking to provide green ideas that work.™ 

Our Team

We at Real Recycling Inc. have been dedicated to providing high-quality recycling services withing the Greater Toronto Area since 1992. With a wealth of experience in the recycling industry, we know firsthand what it takes to provide you with high-quality recycling services for the lowest prices.

We place a high value on maintaining strong relationships with our customers and the environment. So whether you own a small business, large corporation, or are simply in need of an atypical residential recycling service, Real Recycling is here for you!


Real Recycling Inc. is owned and managed by Ernie and Luiza – an enthusiastic husband and wife team devoted to servicing the needs of the GTA in both an economical and environmentally responsible fashion.